Below was an image put on FB by a male friend of mine. Of course the females went crazy liking his stat and chiming in that any woman that does not wear “natural” hair has a problem with her heritage and a low self-worth.
I have heard that from several of my friends who have opted for the “natural” way of life. They give me the “spill” every chance they can…But I am me. The only way I know to be, and in a manner that I am extremely comfortable in being. Because I don’t like confrontation and have always tried to avoid it when possible, I usually don’t say anything regarding this subject…
But tonight, I could not keep my peace. Here is my response. Hate it, like it, or love it…it is for some…an explanation of the other side of the perceived ”White American Acceptance” rainbow.
I never understood why those that choose natural hair think that those that don’t make that choice have some sort of inferiority complex or hatred of themselves or their skin color or heritage. Some people prefer blue, some like black; some prefer makeup, others prefer natural. Some like chocolate, others prefer vanilla; some are vegetarians, some like meat; some women only wear dresses, others like pants; some think heels are the end all be all, while others wear flats. In the end it is just a matter of choice, and that choice isn’t always as white and black as people want to assume that it is.
Why do people assume that if a black woman does not go natural with her hair, then she has some sort of hatred toward her people, her race, herself or who she is as a person? Why can’t hair — and the way a woman prefers to wear it – be treated in the same manner that it is for some…just an accessory…Not as a characterization, a category, a definition of self-worth or any other statement?  Why can’t her hair choice be the same as a scarf or a bracelet or a pair of earrings? It’s an accessory to an already flawless creation of God; but one that we, as people, tend to accentuate in one form or fashion according to what we, as individuals, like.
Why must it be a representation of how the world views her self-worth and a categorization of who she is as a person, when it may truly just be an accessory of what she likes? If an AA man chooses to go bald, nothing is said about him forgetting his roots or his heritage, nor is he labeled as giving in to what White America views as acceptable. His choice is not associated with what the white man finds acceptable, but is merely shrugged off as his personal choice, regardless of the circumstances, choices, or reasons. He can do so because that is the way he likes to look and his hair choice does not come into play concerning his loyalty to his people or his heritage.
Why, when it comes to women, must it always be about “representin’” instead of doing what we like? Why can’t a black woman’s hair style be just that….her hair style…without it being associated with some sort of racial or self-hating connotation?
If I buy a brand name purse because I like the purse or a pair of shoes because I like the shoes…that’s okay…but if I don’t wear a natural hair style, then I am allowing White America to dictate what is beautiful or am guilty of not loving myself as a person?
Is it really that black and white with no grey area in between? The natural way is the only way?
Ye of small judgmental minds really should catch a clue. Nothing in life is that black and white. God is not a God of a cookie–cutter mold. Everything HE makes is an original. I’ll do me and you do you; and something  tells me that in both of us doing so, our Father will be pleased.
Call me a weirdo because I never gave into the philosophy that my hair dictated or defined my self worth…and I never will give in to that philosophy. I am the bi-product of several ingredients…hair only being a small, insignificant one of many.  I wear what I wear from hairstyles to clothes because I like them. Plain and simple…no other connotations need to be associated with that fact.  And in doing all of it…it has no correlation to my self worth or my pride in my heritage. It all has to do with what I like, at that moment in time…plain and simple. No brainwashing here on any regard.
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