I am Woman, hear me roar

Both the blessing and the curse of encountering a middle age woman is that she knows WHO she is, WHAT she wants, and the fact that she has zero problems in articulating her journey to obtain her goals and desires. Much like any war, there will be casualties. She makes no apologies concerning the fabric of her being, because she recognizes it is hand-woven by God and luxurious in design. Games are for children; and thus are no longer an accessory she possesses or wears. She recognizes life is precious and too short for her to be a jockey riding around a circular track. Every saddle she bounces on leads to her satisfaction and victory, or else it is abandoned.

She’s a mystery, an enigma, and ultimately the 8th wonder of the world whether she chooses that label or not. Why? Because she can…she will…and ultimately, she’s comfortable in her own skin, her own existence, and she knows the value she puts forth. A blessing and a curse is what she is simply by the mere fact that she does not need the opinion of others, because she KNOWS her individual worth. ~Deeva #Iamwomanhearmeroar

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