Free your mind and the rest will follow

I am finishing up an editing project and deeply immersed in a genre I rarely, if ever, read. I am pleasantly surprised. It started me thinking about how many things in life we brush off because it is not what we “think” will suit our taste or will have value to us. There are so many things in life that we dismiss because it is not our way of life or our way of doing things. But in living in that mentality, we miss some true gems. This project has been a “marinating” moment for me about all things in life. I challenge you, as I challenge myself…open up your minds to things outside of your normal way of thinking. Allow your mind to run free in the unknown. In unleashing the curious child inside of you, you just might find a wonderful world that your jaded mindset has been keeping you from enjoying.
Peace and Hairgrease,
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