My Braids are too tight

My braids are too
tight. At least that is my perception at this moment in time.  Not because they are causing me pain,
but because they make my mind squint to see things in a manner I have never seen
them before.

My braids are too
tight because suddenly my view is one of under-appreciation, expectation and
demands that do not respect my value or my time. 

These visions are
foreign to me.  They can only be an
apparition in my imagination; and the result of my brain being squeezed into
delusion by hair extensions that have taken over the way I see
things—in my personal rear view mirror.

Someone wake me.
Pat the top of my head and tell me it is all just a dream—fermented in a
misconception—yeah that’s what I choose to believe, for that is the only
plausible reality.

It’s got to be the

The Nigerian woman
got carried away when she practiced her craft on my head while cursing in the
phone angrily at her lover. Within her steady fingers lay a concoction that
changed my perception—her curse was laid within each wrap of synthetic hair she
attached to my head—and here it lies…obstructing my vision. That’s the only

That’s what I tell

It’s what I

My braids are too
tight is a much easier pill to swallow in answering why I can finally see that
I’m being taken for granted while my needs are not being met; and ultimately
are being ignored.  A tensed head is the
only response conceivable as to why I see myself being mentally abused
in the form of perceived entitlement and subtle disrespect.

None of this is
really happening.  The way I see the
world is not really how it seems.  It’s
all just a bad dream.

My braids are too
tight.  I pray that is the culprit for my
mental tormentor of the night.

Otherwise, I have
to realize…that everything I am seeing—today, for the first time—is not a
figment of my mind.  Truth be told, I
have to face the fact that I am just too blind to accept the possibility that
there’s nothing wrong with my hair; but that there is something really wrong
with my reality.


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3 Responses to My Braids are too tight

  1. Maria says:

    I like this. You are a great wordsmith.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Lorraine! We blame the braids, or the weather, or something we ate, but in fact, it’s generated within us, and it’s ours to confront and fix. Thank you for this wise and insightful post.

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