Real Life “X Factor”

Real Life “X Factor”

                For the last couple of weeks, I have been watching the show the “X Factor” trying to decide if it would be my new reality show of choice.  I was riding the fence on whether I would be a fan or not and the crucial moment that nailed it for me came at the end of the boot camp episode.  Four different groups of people would be told if they had what it took to make the grade.  The contestants would hear the words of whether they had the coveted “X Factor” that meant they were worthy of sharing the voice God gave them with the world.

              Night-time television is designed to bring drama, raise blood pressure, and build anticipation; but real life isn’t much different in what it delivers.  It’s all the same; whether on the small screen or within the walls of an individual’s own reality.

             As I straddled the fence of whether the show had hooked me or not, the results were announced; the look on the contestant’s faces brought a flash back for me of a sweltering night in New York City just a few weeks before.  A night when my life posed the question…“Lorraine, do you have the X Factor?  Do you have that ‘it’ ingredient to take things to the next level?”

               My eyes were glued to the set; as boys, girls, groups and my personal favorite, those over 30, waited to hear whether they would be given – yet ANOTHER chance to prove that they were worthy of living up to the world’s expectations and requirements of being able to seek out a destiny of living out their dreams.

               As those that would proceed to the next round were announced, tears of grateful acknowledgement fell from each of their eyes and from mine as well.

                I celebrated their joy with them. 

                I felt their emotion and experienced their excitement – all the while relieving my own personal experience.

                The X Factor…society’s nod of approval that you are being given a CHANCE to prove your worth, one mo’ gin (as they say). It’s the heaviest cross to bear on the shoulders of those that stand naked before the world with attempts to entertain it. It’s that “Showtime at the Apollo” moment where you either win over the crowd, or watch in shame as the sandman comes with a large hook and pulls you off the stage of your destiny amongst hands waiving back and forth in the air shouting for your immediate demise for wasting their time.

              The X Factor…a nod of acceptance to follow your believed talent or craft…receiving it is a feat that few try to accomplish and one at which most fail.

               But the power of that nod means the world to the receiver.

               While not a guarantee of anything at all, and really is only a mere moment in time of one’s life…the possibilities associated with the nod, has a power like none other, to soothe the soul of those that chase after it.

               I wasn’t in the arena that the ‘X Factor’ contestants were in that night.

               They are not my family members or friends.

               I do not know any of them from Adam. 

               It was not my life, my career or my dream on the line during the moment that they were experiencing…

              But I felt their anxiety. 

              I felt their pain.

              I was a kindred spirit with each of them as I thought about the moment in my own life when the AALA, my readers, my publisher and my God, all gave me a nod of approval and said, “We believe in you Lorraine enough to let you advance to the next level.”

             Wow.  That feeling is priceless.

             No matter how many breaths I take from that moment until my last, will compare to that moment of taking my breath away. Just like the air around each of the contestants on the ‘X Factor’ stage will forever be different from the air they have exhaled all of their life up until that moment and the air that they will breathe from now on.

           That air is different.  It has to be.  It’s blessed.  It’s more fulfilling.   

           It is unknown who of those that advanced on the show will ultimately have what it takes to make the ultimate grade of approval by society’s standards.  Much along the same lines is the mirror of my path as an author, for it is still unforeseen as to how things will play out for me in the long run. 

          But for that brief moment in time, I know that I felt the magic and I can only assume from their faces that they did as well.

           For a moment in time – I shared their journey, I had much appreciation for their efforts, and I was extremely grateful, along with the contestants on a simple reality TV show, as we all said thanks to those that threw us a bone of confidence in furtherance of our efforts to share our “Voice” with the world; and as each of us continually seeks a path of trying to develop the “X Factor” that allows us to attempt to entertain the world one more time.

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2 Responses to Real Life “X Factor”

  1. cl bridget says:

    U r truely gifted and blessed with a talent and I’m glad u r sharing it with the world…………be blessed

  2. Shaye Shaye says:

    BRAVO! Outstanding. I’m your biggest fan

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