It always feels like the first time

           All writers have experienced it.  It’s that warm fuzzy feeling of joy when we’ve written something that we know is good. It’s that feeling of giving birth to a creative or thought-provoking piece. 

            For some, it’s a piece they wrote as a child, their first moment of self expression that they will never forget writing.  For others it’s a first poem or completion of the first chapter of what will ultimately become their debut book.  And yet still for a different sect of people it’s the sale of their first book, a moment which solidifies in the writer’s mind, more than anything else, that they are truly a writer because someone is willing to shell out hard-earned cash to read the words they have connected together.

            No matter what stage the feeling comes, it is still felt by ALL writers and there is nothing like the experience of your first time.

…Or is there?

            Since the debut of my novel, Mistress Memoirs, I thought nothing else could compare to “that” feeling.  Nothing else could bring me the same joy.

            But each experience as an Author proves me wrong.  Each night I write, as I compose my next novel, and as I stare out my bedroom window into the night, allowing the stars to be my inspiration as they guide my fingertips across the keyboard, I get “that” feeling as if the new book is my very first. 

            Each time I have a book signing and a reader has the look in their eyes as if they have just purchased a precious keepsake, I think to myself, “This is what makes it worthwhile” and my heart is filled with “that” feeling once again.

            And in the midst of these experiences, I ask myself why do I write.  And each and every time, the answer is twofold: I write because my soul says I HAVE to and I write because there is extreme satisfaction in entertaining others.  It’s a win/win situation for me. 

It’s at that point that I realize that when releasing my muse, I get the same gratification I received when initially stringing my first thoughts together in written format, and that makes me smile.  The long nights of writing, knowing I will pay for it in the morning through fatigue are worth it, because it’s fulfilling, and ultimately, for me…it always feels like the first time.

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4 Responses to It always feels like the first time

  1. Shaye Kisses says:

    Excellent. Digging this post, sis!

  2. zaji says:

    I get that feeling. :: nodding slowly ::

  3. Lena says:

    I can relate to that feeling. Great post.

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