Feeling Primal


He breathes in me the breath of vitality.  Giving me anticipation of changing residence from the inhibited address that I own, to a more desirable zip code on the side of town known for sexually living.

He makes me feel primal. 

In a way I don’t quite totally understand.  Yet, I welcome.

His words are sadistic to me as I read them.  Their very existence DEMANDS I lean my head to the side and twirl my hair in my fingertips as I uncontrollably bite my bottom lip–like the innocent whore that I am.

I’m a virgin–to his type of seduction.

Untouched by his type of romance.

Pure–in owning an unbusted cherry to man of his caliber.

Everything in his aura gives me butterflies.  I can’t help but smell him through my computer screen.   And as I inhale, with the lustful nostrils of a virgin ready to taste the side of life that they have been missing;  my heart skips a beat when I think of him and at the prospect of giving myself away, at least in that regard; like it was the very first time.

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3 Responses to Feeling Primal

  1. This is great! I really enjoyed the imagery.

  2. k. roland says:

    Very nice. Mysterious. I want to hear more from this charecter. Loved it.

  3. zaji says:

    Nice. I really enjoyed reading that. Um, more please….

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