ADQ: A woman is just an ant

An ant can carry 20 times its weight.

 I’m willing to place a bet that the average woman carries double that amount on her shoulders on a daily basis. And like the ant we do it for survival and protection of the colony…maintenance of the home.

 The ant is small, seemingly powerless, and insignificant in the eyes of more aggressive and hurtful prey. Yet it still functions, accomplishing miraculous deeds day by day, carrying the weight of others on its back so that “its” kind may function, survive and thrive.

 Such is the plight of WOMAN.

We move mountains…

Fragile in our thoughts and emotions

Mighty in our accomplishments and deeds.

 Our homes,

Our jobs,

Our children

and mankind in general

would cease to be

without the equation of those that are womanly…..

 So next time your world is overwhelming

Next time you feel the weight of the world rest solely on your shoulders,

liken yourself to the ant.

 Relish in the fact that because of YOU

Others live

Because of you

Others survive

Because you carry more than your own weight

Our world can thrive.

 So Ms. Ant….

embrace your destiny,

And if you ever feel like you can’t take all of the pressure upon yourself any more….

whistle this song, wink and smile:

 Just what makes that little ole ant, think he can move a rubber tree plant…anyone knows and ant, can’t… move a rubber tree plant…but he’s got high hopes….And anytime you’re feeling low, ‘sted of letting go, just remember that ant CAN….move a rubber tree…move a rubber tree…move a rubber tree plant!

 You are the ant. 

You can move a rubber tree plant and anything else you put your mind to do.

You might be carrying the world on your shoulders

But the possibilities in you dictate that you should shake off the thoughts of “I can’t” and replace them with “I can, and I will.”

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