ADQ (A Deeva Quickie): Pony Express; Heavenly Father Style

Ever been sitting in church listening to a sermon and felt it was spoken just for you?
Ever been reading a quote or story that hit home and spoke to the core of your soul just when you needed it?
Ever had a stranger encourage you, just when your confidence was low?
Ever thought about a long lost friend and then got an email or card from them saying you were on their mind?
Ever talked to a random stranger about nothing….yet EVERYTHING at the same time and you walked away feeling full…feeling fed?

That’s God’s Pony Express in your life. It’s a message that started in his hands long ago, but was delivered to you right on time….right at the moment that was destined for you to receive it.

In this microwave popcorn existence that we refer to as our lives…a time when we want instant gratification and results….

Sometimes our Father slows that puppy down.
He does it for our own good.

He forces us, in spite of ourselves, to stop and smell the flowers along the way to where we are running the rat race to get to. Sometimes He takes His sweet time just so that we may savor the moment…Savor the messenger and savor the delivery.

Next time your blessing comes right at the time you needed it, recognize that the old fashion way of delivering messages…the method of slowly but surely….only heightens the experience and enhances the fulfillment. Take a moment to recognize that in doing so….in giving you a blessing handed to you by the Pony Express of deliverance…..He is making the entire experience more worthwhile.

(That’s your marinating moment for today…and as my favorite pastor used to say….I ain’t talking about nobody….just talking about what I’m talking about.)


~A Deeva~

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2 Responses to ADQ (A Deeva Quickie): Pony Express; Heavenly Father Style

  1. Shaye Gray says:

    Wow.. Digging your style. I felt this post spoke to me directly. Lovin’ this sis. I am definitely bookmarking this blog! Keep it up!

  2. Valerie Ray says:

    Who ever said words are powerful was right on target! But not only are words powerful, but so are messengers! Thanks for stopping by with an on-time message for my soul. Keep this up! Its whats missing for a lot of us.

    Nice blog!

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